Ganesha Bija Art Poster


This unique work of art makes it proper to use in the home shrine for purposes of puja worship and meditation. It was painstakingly composed in Chennai, South India, in 1979-1980 by Mrs. Sarjoja Nagarathnam. The artist took quill in hand and literally wrote hundreds of thousands of times the holy mantrams Om Kam Virasiddhi Vinayakaya Namaha, Om Kam Koum Kam Ganapatheye Namaha, Om Kam Ganapatheye Namaha in the Tamil language. Every single line and shade, every nuance, was created by patiently scribing these sacred syllables, so minuscule they are barely visible to the unaided eye, even in the original which is three feet high. Suitable for framing, this art should be handled and kept in a solemn and religious manner. The size is 8 1/2" x 11"

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