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Himalayan Academy Master Course Supervised Study

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Join us on a wondrous spiritual journey. This course is more than just an intellectual learning of Hindu philosophy and spirituality. It’s a guide to practicing the teachings throughout the day. It is through practice, that you grow and mature into a spiritual being.

This formal study program is open to those of any religion or spiritual background. Your only commitment is to set aside 10 to 20 minutes each day to do the daily lessons. Study will center around the daily practice given in the Hinduism Today Publisher’s Desk article “A 10-Minute Spiritual Workout.”

Note: the physical ownership of the three books of The Master Course Trilogy are required for this course available at: Gurudeva explained the importance of reading from the physical book in a mystical way by saying that these books have been magically impressed into the akasha. Therefore having the physical books helps you intuitively absorb the knowledge.