Hinduism Today Jul-Aug-Sep 2014

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The July/August/September, 2014, edition of Hinduism's foremost global magazine, Hinduism Today, has just been released in digital form and is available free of charge to read online or download in PDF or ePub format to your iPad or other devices. And feel free to share articles with family, friends and associates. It's all free!

On the cover you will see the Lion of Sri Lanka, Siva Yogaswami, one of the greatest satgurus of the 20th century. Our article captures his life and legacy, taking you through his early training with the madman Chellappaswami of Nallur and into his spiritual reign of the Jaffna Penninsula for over fifty years. His sadhanas will inspire you and his wisdom will bring solace and new understandings into your life. Several first-person reports tell of amazing meetings with Yogaswami, who never failed to provoke and uplift those who had the courage to approach him. The piece is marvelously illustrated by none other than S. Rajam of Mylapore, Tamil Nadu.

Rishikesh, that one-of-a-kind pilgrimage retreat on the banks of the Ganges, is fully revealed in our feature article. Rajiv Malik and photographer Dev Raj Agarwal trekked to Rishikesh, visiting every prominent ashram and sadhu, and recorded the life of Hindus and seekers who come here for days or weeks at a time to pursue a deeper path, get blessings and take the healing bath in the holy waters. Rajiv's story is everything you will ever need to know about Rishikesh, including where to stay, what to avoid and a few tips on river rafting. Nicely done, Rajiv!

Our New York correspondent, Lavina Melwani, takes us to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC, to explore the wildly popular (over ten million visitors) "Beyond Bollywood" exhibit, which is more than its title suggests. It is a full-throated hymn to the many ways in which Indian Americans have shaped the nation, with lots of historical pit stops along the way. The exhibit shows that America has been deeply influenced by Indian engineers, doctors, artists, hoteliers, swamis, chefs, actors and more. Did you know Indian-American kids have dominated the all-American spelling bee, winning the championship at ten of the last twelve annual contests? Check out the other ways Indians dominate in America.

Our publisher, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, takes the principle of ahimsa, noninjury, to new levels of understanding, explaining its two major pillars. He reveals why this famous virtue is a key to a balanced, wholesome and productive human life. He gives some sagely insights into how not to kill animals, then discusses violent video games.

Other articles speak of Hinduism in the academic world, reveal the mystical and very Hindu teachings of the Greek mathematician Pythagoras and visit a 100-year-old Indian gurukulam that is merging traditional learning with 21st-century training. A piece on Akka Mahadevi includes some of that bold, saintly woman's beautiful philosophical poetry, and a wonderful personal tale from Murali Balaji relates how he was ashamed of his Hindu roots as a child but grew up to proudly embrace his real identity.

And because—as Gurudeva taught us—life is meant to be lived joyously, you will find a cartoon and other humorous moments in our Quotes & Quips section. It’s all there in the current issue of Hinduism Today, where you go to stay in touch with Sanatana Dharma.