Hinduism Today Jan-Feb-Mar 2014

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The January/February/March, 2014, edition of Hinduism's foremost spiritual magazine, Hinduism Today, has just been released in digital form and is now available for free on your desktop. You can read articles online or download the PDF or ePub to enjoy on your iPad or other devices.

Our editor-in-chief, Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and his assistant editor, Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami, flew to Portugal in June to give keynotes at the 2013 World Yoga Day conference. Taking full advantage of this rare visit to Europe, they made a seven-nation trek through the Continent. Their goal: to research and write a never-before-told story giving an overview of Hinduism in this part of the world. The result—our feature story—describes their visits to monasteries and temples, ashrams, satsangs and yoga events. After reading it, you will know how Sanatana Dharma is faring far from India.

If you are like most of our readers, you find it hard to set aside time for your spiritual work. Sure, you know it's the most important work there is, but there are so many demands in life that the inner work usually gets shunted aside. Be of good cheer, because our publisher, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami—having heard this a thousand times—has devised a ten-minute daily spiritual workout for you, for kids in school, and for anyone who thinks it impossible to reserve a time each day for introspection. Read his Publisher's Desk to learn how he solved this perennial conundrum.

Our 16-page Insight Section is all about the discovery of your deepest Self. In fact, it's called "Know thy Self." Its fourteen daily lessons describe the Hindu spiritual path and provide keys to explore its depths. Lessons include The Power of Affirmation; Five Steps to Enlightenment; Willpower, the Fuel of Attainment; Chakras; Superconscious Mind of LIght; and many more.

The medical profession is coming to understand how to help the elderly and their families through the process of dying. This is an art that is much informed by the cultural traditions of India. Dr. Datar of Canada has developed a full range of palliative care guidelines and techniques, described in this issue, that will serve as a model for all who face this inevitable passage.

It's time again to announce our annual Hindu of the Year. We proudly bestow the 2013 Renaissance Award on Dr. Shivakumar Swami of the Siddhaganga Math in South India. Each day this 106-year-old dynamo attends a morning meeting with thousands of students in his school. You can read his story in this issue.

You will read about many people of unusual attainment and insight. Arjun Daswani relates his discovery of the power of initiation. Marie Wirth of Delhi asks why India is not called a Hindu nation. Grammy-nominated musician and renaissance woman Chandrika Tandon sits down with our New York correspondent for a fascinating interview. A Greek yoga teacher describes her transformative discovery of yoga, a moment that changed everything for her.

There’s more, of course: a story from Bali; a Croatian woman's life of dance; a tale of priest training in Kerala and a handful of insights and humorous moments found on our quotes and letters pages. It’s all there in the current issue of Hinduism Today, where you go to stay in touch with Sanatana Dharma.