Sample Packet

  • Model: PAMSAMPLE

This sample packet includes 14 wonderful and varying booklets. These are all of the booklets available by Himalayan Academy Publications.
In this sample pack you will find ten full color booklets:
Ten Questions People Ask About Hinduism (and Ten Terrific Answers)
Hinduism: A Splendrous Lotus with Four Superb Petals
Hatha Yoga
Home Puja
Raising Children as Good Hindus
A Hindu Primer: Practices, Beliefs, & Attitudes to Teach Our Children
Hindu Scriptures: Ancient holy texts revealed by God and man
Visiting a Hindu Temple
My Friend, Lord Ganesha: Hinduism's Lord of Dharma

Plus, five of our half page leaflets (color front and back), that are: Nine Beliefs of Hinduism
Four Facts of Hinduism
A Key to the Astral Colors
Hinduism's Code of Conduct
Nine Qualities to Cultivate in Children

This is an excellent way to pull many resources together, either for your own benefit or for teaching groups and classes.
**Note** This sample packet does not include our newest booklet, Hinduism's History Lesson.

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