Vedic Astrology Simply Put

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Vedic Astrology Simply Put is all about Jyotish (jyoh'tish) as it is called in India. It is the Science or Knowledge of Time. Its purpose, over it several millennia of existence, has been to identify karma, or action, in terms of the past, present and future. Vedic astrology is about understanding how to best perform in time. Iit s a behavior analysis and forecasting system, based on astronomical calculations, that help us anticipate the benefits and challenges that lie ahead. Vedic astrology informs us of ways to modify our actions for the better. So while we might naturally have the will to take action, Vedic astrology prepares us for it in the best wasy. Hardcover, 295 pages. Includes Parashara's Light SE CD which allows generating a birth chart on the computer screen. The author is William R. Levacy.

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