Hinduism Today Jan-Feb-Mar 2021

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Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami dedicates his Publisher’s Desk editorial to a non-academic review of what the ancient texts teach us about the four fundamental states of consciousness we experience daily. He brings a difficult topic within everyone’s reach.

India’s soft power is the new way to describe the nation’s global influence and here a major player in the India Foundation, Sudarshan Ramabadran, looks at the International Yoga Day and reflects on how yoga is changing in the minds of those who actually practice it. 

Kerala’s temple artists train for a lifetime for the privilege of working, for free, on the elaborate temple murals that the state is known for. Baani Sekhon interviewed several of the most renowned and her article takes you into a world of art married to spirituality, where architecture meets storytelling. Just looking at our gatefold will tell you all you need to know. 

So how about street art? We have that, too. Come with us to the annual Kolam Festival held in Chennai. It’s a contest held right on the paved streets of the city, with thousands in attendance as, for two full days, watching artists and artist wannabes compete for prizes, to see who can execute the best kolams, those ephemeral designs that normally bedeck a home’s entry, made of flour and sometimes colored grains. 

Our writer in Mauritius treks to the Spiritual Park, a seven-acre sanctuary at the confluence of Rempart River and the Indian Ocean. Each month thousands come to worship Lord Ganesha, to sing, write prayers and connect with the Deities. Full disclosure: The Park was founded by the founder of Hinduism Today and is managed by his devotees.  

There is more, of course, including an editorial on meditation and a veggie diet, how astrology can provide insights into our health, women in jail finding solace in chanting Sanskrit mantrams, the popular Quotes & Quips section with humor, cartoons and sagely sayings, Global Dharma with mini-stories from around the world, and Digital Dharma, which unpacks some interesting apps that use artificial intelligence to enhance our musical experiences.  It’s a rich issue, with something for everyone.