Loving Ganesha - Third Edition

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Lord Ganesha is revered around the world (He's the most popular Hindu Deity in the US) as the ancient God of success/art/science/culture/society. This endearingly elephant-faced deity is part of Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese religious culture, probably the most pan-Asian of all deities.

Loving Ganesha unfolds a rich, readable potpourri that will immediately transport you into the psychic reality of this cosmic soul being. Children's prayers, mantras, pujas, symbols, metaphysics, soul qualities, Aum science, Lord of karma, recipes and more is presented in the most complete digest of Lord Ganesha ever produced. Fully illustrated and indexed.

"A treasure-trove of information on Ganesha and Hinduism"--Library Journal.

"Whether viewed as instructional or as an affectionate tribute, Loving Ganesa is the comprehensive source for those who seek knowledge, not just information, of this greatest of Hindu Deities" --NAPRA Review

Hard cover, color, illustrated, 484 pages, 7.125" x 10.25".

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