Hinduism Today Oct-Nov-Dec 2017

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In his Publisher's Desk editorial, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami addresses the question of whether Hinduism worships one God or many. It's among the most-asked questions by non-Hindus, and he provides a thought-provoking answer for the next time someone confronts you with this imputation.

Our 16-page Insight section is all about Mirabai, one of our faith's great devotional writers, singers, philosophers and saints. Lakshmi Chandrashekar helps us understand the depth of Mirabai's love for God as expressed in her poems. Mariellen Ward recounts her adventures, tracing on foot, car and train Mirabai's remarkable life, revealing her story of family disputes, renunciation, fleeing and finding solace at Lord Krishna's feet.

Our feature story takes us to Sikkim in the Himalayan highlands, that smallest and northernmost Indian state that borders China, Nepal and Bhutan. We follow our journalist and his companion photographer, Thomas Kelly, as they trek to every major center and encounter the movers and shakers, the priestly clans and army pujaris.

What do you know about plant-based diets? After reading our article on the burgeoning movement in America's medical profession, you will understand its importance, and you may be surprised how effective diet can be when coping with diabetes, cancer and other diseases. US doctors are just recently rediscovering what ayurveda and Hippocrates knew all along: food is the best medicine. Learn how this truth is impacting a model hospital in Texas.

Amazingly, India is home to the world's second largest Great Wall, and almost nobody knows about it. We change that with a fully-illustrated article about Kumbhalgarh in Rajasthan, a 15th century-fort surrounded by a 23-mile-long wall that encloses and protects over 300 temples. This remote aerie might find its place on your next India bucket list of places you simply have to visit.

Our movie reviewer takes a look at the film called "The Man Who Knew Infinity." It's a surprisingly sensitive depiction of the unusual life of Srinivasa Ramanuja (1887-1920), the Indian mathematical genius who dazzled the best minds of his day and left a legacy of intellectual insights that continues to confound and charm mathematicians.

There's more: A story about the Kapaleeshwarar Temple in Chennai, an American-born Hindu's counsel to the next generation, a Canadian youth's call for teaching dharma; and Digital Dharma's showcase of five megaprojects now underway in India that are harbingers of the future.