Hinduism Today Jan-Feb-Mar 2017

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Our feature story this issue takes you to the holy city of Mathura, where you can walk in history's footsteps, visit the temples you have heard about and witness the spectacular Holi celebrations, with their wild colors and festive observances. This is a deeper look into the region than you may have ever seen, complete with Arun Mishra's amazing photography.

Our 16-page Insight section is a kid-friendly spiritual catechism, taken from Himalayan Academy's latest book: The Path to Siva, A Catechism for Youth. This fully illustrated catechism presents basic questions about the Saivite Hindu path, and answers them in language meant for a 12-15-year old. Great resource for parents seeking to pass tradition on to the next generation.

We cover the environment from the Hindu perspective in Mat McDermott's assessment of the impact of the meat industry on the Earth's climate. You will be surprised at some of the discoveries he has made.

Our publisher, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, talks about what makes us happy. Not just the ephemeral happiness of a sale at the mall, but a deeper bliss that lasts a lifetime and endures through life's challenging moments. Enjoy his practical wisdom and tools for keeping consciousness in the higher chakras.

Culture is big in this issue. Two sisters share their love of dance, the tribe that tattoos its entire body with the name of Lord Rama is visited, a teenage girl writes about her guru's visit to London, and we interview families whose sons and daughters have renounced the world, to ascertain reactions to this age-old life choice that is seldom seen in the West but is so common in the East.

Our Hindu of the Year is honored, too. It's Morari Bapu, one of India's greatest exponents of Ram Katha. He has conducted song and storytelling events to uplift devotees around the globe—not just a few, but over 750. As if that were impressive, consider that these events last all day and into the night, for nine days each! Hinduism needs 10,000 more like Morari Bapu.

There's more inside the magazine, including our fun Quotes & Quips with cartoon, an excerpt from recently translated Agama verses, the California textbook issue updated, and one woman's editorial on how we can all be better ambassadors for our faith. Check it out....