Hinduism Today Oct-Nov-Dec 2016

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Hinduism Today's October/November/December 2016 issue has gone to press and is now available.

The magic of India’s spiritual geography comes to life as senior correspondent Rajiv Malik and photographer Arun Mishra guide us through Vrindavan, Lord Krishna’s land of childhood leelas, which still take place nightly in the town’s sacred tulsi groves, the plant after which the city takes its name. Tour the temples with them and meet the swamis, scholars, priests and the Bhagawat katha vachaks, those who daily tell the stories of Krishna’s pastimes.

Our 16-page Insight section this issue is a foray into the deep philosophies that India has given birth to over the millennia. It’s called “The Six Streams of Hindu Philosophy: Celebrating Diversity in the Quest for Supreme Knowledge.” Written by none other than Mahamahopadhyaya Swami Bhadreshdas, senior disciple of the late Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj (who blessed the article in the days before his passing), this is a rare English-language overview of the traditional schools. Amazingly, the world renowned artist, Pieter Weltevrede who lives in the Netherlands, agreed to produce seven masterpieces of art depicting each school in a remarkable way. Great writing married to great art depicting great ideas.

Join us as we indulge in a photographic feast of this year’s Kumbha Mela in the sacred city of Ujjain. Learn about the process of rudraksha bead authentication and the ways in which consumers are deceived. Are yours real?

See India’s rich traditions of Hindu spiritual expression as showcased in the Puja and Piety exhibit in Southern California. British celebrities in the BBC documentary Welcome to the Real Marigold Hotel tell their real life accounts of exploring life in India for their craft. Dr. S.P. Sabharathnam Sivachariyar, Ph.D. highlights the nature of Siva as form and manifest energy as told in the Saiva Agamas. We also review Professor Vamsee Juluri's Ph.D.’s book Rearming Hinduism in which he discusses the immediate need to both vigorously defend and bolster our religion within media and academia. This issue’s opinion piece explores what it means to be a young Hindu in the US while achieving a balance between academic and religious study.

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