Yogaswami's Natchintanai - Sanje Siva

  • Model: SIVAMAYAM

This is a modern pop style music production of eleven of Siva Yogaswami's Natchintanai songs by Sanje Sivakumaran, a talented music producer from Sri Lanka who moved to Europe (Germany/UK) when he was a boy. Sanje was concerned that a whole generation of young Sri Lankan people in Europe had lost touch with their spiritual heritage and had no idea who Yogaswami was or what he taught. Sanje composed the music, did all the mixing and worked in collaboration with popular European Tamil singers: Mc Jeeva, Bensia Don Bosco, Vijitha Natkunarajah and Anuhshya Kannan, to produce this album to bring Yogaswami's words into the hearts and minds of young people. Those trained in Carnatic music may find this new style a bit "out of the box," but if you like modern Indian pop music, the production values of Sivamayam are top notch and you will find yourself "singing along with Mc Jeeva" in no time! You can get a taste of the tunes by listening to this album audio trailer.

Click here to get a Natchintanai book with the words to these songs in both Tamil and Roman transliteration.