Weavers Wisdom (ePub)

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Weaver's Wisdom is an American English translation of a beloved 2,200-year-old South Indian classic, called Tirukural, written in the Tamil language by the weaver saint, Tiruvalluvar. Yet, it's all about today's world, a book for how to begin and run a business, how to strengthen family and relationships, how to deal with money, how to cope with enemies and personal fears. Learn here about gambling, politics, how to choose top executives, what and when to eat to stay healthy. It's a book full of humor, subtle observation of the human condition and downright earthy advice. In South India this scripture, revered as the Tamil Veda, is sworn on in courts of law and displayed on billboards and buses. Quote from it freely. Read from it to your children to train their minds and guide their actions and thoughts along the happy path of dharma. 408 pages paper.