Monks Cookbook (ePub)

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A tasteful arrangement of South Indian and Sri Lankan dishes perfected in homes and temples as offerings to the Lord. Indian ashrams serve the finest cruelty-free meals enjoyed anywhere, and the monks at Kauai's Hindu Monastery carry on that 6,000-year-old tradition. Believing that good food is humankind's best medicine, they are sharing their secret collection of recipes gathered over the years. Includes a comprehensive introduction to ayurveda as it applies to nutrition and health, including the values of spices and herbs and their effects on the body.

This cookbook has top quality Wire-O, spiral bounding so that it can be opened flat on your kitchen counter and still stand up to years of use. The covers are laminated and cleanable with a damp sponge. 8.5" x 11" 104 pages. This is an updated edition. ** Note: For iPad chose "ePub" below and for Kindle choose "Zip File" below

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