Crystal - Large


These crystals come from the same mine in Hot Springs, Arkansas as the Sivalingam now residing in Kadavul Hindu Temple on Kauai, Hawaii. They vary slightly in size and shape.

In August, 1987, Subramuniyaswami acquired a giant quartz crystal--a sphatika Sivalingam--to enshrine in the Chola-style temple. At 700-plus pounds and 39 inches tall, it is the largest six-sided, single-pointed crystal ever found. Natural stones are used in Siva temples to "mark" the presence of God beyond all forms and qualities. Scriptures decree that, of all possible kinds of stone, crystal makes the supreme Sivalingam. The temple's Tamil architect, who visits the island site regularly, believes the crystal Lingam to be the greatest wonderment of this temple--"If all the crystal lingams in India were put together into one, they would still not equal the power of this one crystal."

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