Hinduism Today Jul/Aug/Sep 2011

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The July-August-September, 2011 edition of Hinduism's flagship spiritual magazine, Hinduism Today, has been released. This issue takes you on a wondrous adventure through time as well as culture showcasing nine historic sites of ancient India. Get ready for an awe inspiring and thought provoking journey!

We start with true our feature article with a magnificence recognizable by all of humanity. These nine ancient Hindu related sites demonstrate craftsmanship and artwork so awe-inspiring that the United Nations's body for education, science and culture, (UNESCO) has deemed them as worthy of protection and care for the benefit of all. Our writers and photographers explore these temples and caves, dating back as early as 200 bce, introducing us to a depth and breadth of the rich Hindu landscape. You will be charmed by the historical accounts from western explorers.

On a heart warming note, the middle section of this issue introduces our newly published "Hindu Children's Modern Stories, Books One and Two." These books bring the wisdom of the traditional yamas and niyamas to a modern format that today's children will be able to understand and apply. With these books, you can pass Hinduism's treasured values to a new generation in a way that is fun and morally educational. The story entitled "Be Satisfied with What You Have" is fully excerpted, including ample illustrations, from the second book on the niyamas. Being only one story out of 20, it's a taste of what is offered in the two books. Prepare yourself for an enlightened moral teaching delivered in a fun and contemporary way!

A 15-page collection of richly diverse articles spanning scripture, philosophy, lifestyle, interview, pilgrimage, priesthood, and health will open your eyes to new ideas and a different way to approach life's basic challenges. Introducing a cutting edge perspective is Jay Lakhani's article entitled "Challenging Materialism." In this thought-provoking journey, the author takes you through the perspectives of physics, neuroscience and biology, and shows how, from several different views, life itself points to a non-material reality at its core.

Our next article could be called heart-provoking. Lavina Melwani writes "How We Spiritualized Our Business," the story of a couple who discovered the power of the Hindu faith, brought that power into the center of their family business. The article expresses how little value luxury and status have when one is unhappy. Gear up for a multi-aspected journey into spiritualizing mundane life!

Our publisher, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, has uplifted the spirits of many all over the world. In this issue's Publisher's Desk, he coveys how each and every one of us can be an uplifter and spiritual leader to everyone we encounter in life. Sharing how he realized the differences between a religious leader and a spiritual leader, he says the qualities of a spiritual leader can be cultivated and expressed by everyone, not just a select few. He offers us several sadhanas to open your heart to appreciation of yourself, which then paves the way to appreciation of others. His practical editorial is a must read for all who wish to increase the love and happiness experienced in their life.

Your an engineering academic, and your salary is not plush. Would you bequeath a $7,000,000 fortune to establish a foundation that supports the study of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism? Well, Professor Mahinder Singh Uberoi did just that. This inspiring article by Katharine Nanda examines Dr. Uberoi's vision of promoting true understanding, religious tolerance and open communication among the diverse perspectives of the world, as well as the legacy that to this day is alive and active. Being aware of the vast mountains of misinformation, even at the university level, the Uberoi Foundation is pushing forward to bring an accurate understanding of these four major religions.

There's lots more, of course. A humorous cartoon, an opinion discourse by Dr. Greesh C. Sharma, as well as many gems of wisdom in the form of quotes and letters. It's all there in the current issue of Hinduism Today, where you go to stay in touch with Sanatana Dharma.

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