Hinduism Today Jan/Feb/Mar 2009

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The January-February-March issue of the magazine called "the voice of Hinduism," announces our Hindu of the Year, the remarkable Swami Avdhveshananda Giri. This spiritual giant heads an order of 500,000 Hindu monks and guides the lives of millions and numberless humanitarian projects. His engaging life story and mission are told in detail. An intimate interview reveals the energetic mind and heart of a modern saint.

Our publisher Bodhinatha Veylanswami celebrates the magazine's 30th year with a retrospective on past achievements and a glimpse into our digital future.

The 16-page illustrated Educational Insight, called "Parenting with Love," is a virtual manual on child-rearing, Hindu style. It explores Positive Discipline, a proven system of raising children without physical punishment or verbal abuse, offering forms of discipline (you definitely need discipline) that work for parents and kids alike. There is a great summary of 14 key strategies that every parent needs to know.

Heard of Oprah Winfrey? Who hasn't. But did you know she is being accused of using her "Soul Series" (we call it the Church of Oprah) to promulgate ideas that may well have their source in Hinduism? See if her accusers are right. The issues offers a delightfully entertaining tale about the perversions, misapprehensions and mishaps facing the modern vegetarian, and explores a family's shared pilgrimage to Goddess Durga, a glimpse back to the day in 1838 when Europe first discovered Indian dance, a first-person encounter with storytelling master Morari Bapu during his 9-day US katha, some strong opinions about passing on our culture to the next generation and a health feature on how Ayurveda handles food allergies.

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