Hinduism Today Jul/Aug/Sept 2008

  • Model: HT0807

A PREVIEW OF CONTENTS: Here are highlights from this issue:

* Our fully-illustrated 16-page Educational Insight takes you on a journey into the life and teachings of one of India’s greatest masters, Sri Madhvacharya. His tale is full of philosophical growth, amazing encounters during his youth, magical happenings and deep interpretations of the ancient Dharma. If you ever wanted to understand the pure dual path, and compare it with Sankaran advaita, this is the resource for you.
* So, Which of the Gods is greater, Siva or Vishnu? You’ve heard the arguments. You’ve endured the fables and the foibles of those who argue one side or another. Our publisher, Bodhinatha, gives an unbeatable clear answer.
* When an Indian swami crossed the ocean to visit devotees in the West, he was deeply criticized and certain of his worship rights were curtailed. Follow the adventures of Sri Sugunendra Tirtha Swami and in the bargain explore the history of the amazing monasteries and temples in Udupi.
* In Karnataka one of the foremost swamis of India opens a magnificent temple for Lord Siva. The Kalabhairava Temple is the work of Sri Balagangadharanathaswami, who happens to also be Hinduism Today’s “Hindu of the Year.” Find out why.
* Henry David Thoreau, an American sage? See why we think so.
* Follow a group of modern youth on pilgrimage, see what makes them choose a spiritual path when all of their peers are following something quite different.
* And much more…. stories of social service with a twist, a photographer who can’t shoot enough of Lord Ganesha, warnings about inter-religious marriage, and a look at the dubious wisdom of drugging our children.

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