Hinduism Today Apr/May/Jun 2008

  • Model: HT0804

The cover story brings you 16 pages on meditation, with much sought after, but rarely explained, basics, inspired definitions, goals, methods and tips to overcome all obstacles on the fine art of meditation.

In an insightful editorial, Publisher Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami points out that we need not limit ourselves to just one perspective when facing the world. He explains four distinct perspectives always available, giving us a much greater range of possibilities of understanding in our lives.

Hinduism Today's correspondent in New Delhi writes about his experience in a magnificent Indian shopping emporium with arts-&-craft marvels from every state in India.

The issue features a profile of one of last century's great saints, Sri Anandamayi Ma of Bengal, whom Swami Sivananda praised as "the purest flower the soil of India has ever produced." Complete with striking, precious vintage photos.

Read about your health and discover that, even if you're a vegetarian, too much protein can harm you, according to "The China Study."

If Hindu consensus and action on important issues thrills you, then here's your article: a meeting of Hindu leaders in Florida that is going beyond talk into intelligent action. Their resolve will protect temples and priests in India, and make Hindu leaders in America dynamically proactive in helping the media learn what Hinduism is and what it is not.

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