Hinduism Today Jul/Aug/Sept 2007

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A PREVIEW OF CONTENTS: This edition of Hinduism's flagship spiritual magazine presents the amazing spiritual observance of the festival of Thai Pusam, held in Malaysia. This great yatra and penance of devotees surrendering in worship to the great God Muruga is unique in the world of Hinduism, drawing 1.3 million devotees to Batu Caves. Our educational center section is called "God, Soul and World." It brings you insights on the core subjects of theology from the point of view of Hinduism's different denominations. For those interested in the arts, we have a marvelous article on an entire village of artists in Orissa and a focus on seven stone carvers working their magic at Hawaii's all-granite temple. Our youth story this issue features a young American girl's proactive move to break the barriers of caste by visiting her Dalit penpal in India. From the world of health care, don't miss Part 1 of a series by Dr. Virender Sodhi's on the challenging and all-too-prevalent problem of teenage depression, from an Ayurvedic point of view. From the travel log we bring you images and testimony from pilgrims to the humble abodes of Hindu's Himalayan sages. Our publisher, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, talks about a controversial trend in the world of vaastu and keys to success through proper planning. And there's more. It is another rich issue from the 21st century chronicles of mankind's oldest path, a dynamic and thriving religion of mystical realities, powerful devotion and infinite tolerance. It's all in this issue of Hinduism Today.

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