DVD - Hindu Art

  • Model: DVDHINDU

On this DVD, you will find 4,820 images of Dharma related graphics collected from all around the globe by Himalayan Academy Publications. You will find images depicting Hinduism in all its glory and nuances including art and illustrations of God, Gods, scriptures, temples, beliefs, traditions, karma, dharma, saints, yoga and art created for children. Artists bring the Vedas, the Puranas and the Holy Kural to life with hundreds of beautiful paintings, Indian-style borders, motifs and clip art; the ten Avatars of Vishnu; the all-encompassing Pradosha Siva; Shanmugan mounting lightning-fast Mayil; the yamas and niyamas; ashtanga yoga for children and much more.
The files themselves range from small and lower resolution images to the high-end, large files that we use in our own publications, such as Merging with Siva. The files are on a DVD, allowing all the images to be stored on one disk.
Included in this DVD are the wonderful and magical images of Lord Ganesha that can be found seperately in our Ganesha Art CD.