Bracelet - Aum Saravanabhava

  • Model: AUMSARA

This mantra, Aum Saravanabhava, calls upon Lord Karttikeya, son of God Siva and guardian of the spiritual quest, who arose from Saravana, the sacred lake of primal consciousness. Its mirror-like surface symbolizes a quieted, peaceful mind. This mantra is prescribed for Saivites not yet initiated by a satguru into the divine Panchakshara Mantra, Namah Sivaya.

A handsome piece of Indian jewelry for men or women.

Excellent quality 5/8" wide bands, with the mantra in Sanskrit Devanagari script. Made with copper, brass and German silver (white metal.)

The picture here is of the Aum Namah Sivaya bracelets. The Aum Saravanabhava bracelet is designed the same but with Aum Saravanabhava in Sanskrit writing instead.

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