Deepavali Greeting Card


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Deepavali Greeting Cards!

Hand Crafted Cards

Deepavali, Divali, Diwali or Dipavali, the festival of lights, is celebrated on our panchangam calendar on October 26th & 27th in 2019. Deepavali is a time when many Hindus send greeting cards to their friends and loved ones. This card is hand crafted by the ladies of the Golden Gate Mission in California as their contribution to raise funds for Iraivan Hindu Temple.

This is a time for lighting earthen lamps, decorating the house, bursting firecrackers and inviting friends and relatives for fun and feasts. The lighting of lamps is a way to pay our respects to God and the gods celebrating the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. It is a Hindu solidarity day and is considered the greatest national festival of India. In several countries, such as Nepal, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, it is an inter-religious event and a national holiday.