Hinduism Today Jul-Aug-Sep 2005

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In this issue:

Feature: Meet the dynamic swami behind Karnataka's religious, social and educational revival.

Military: Religion among India's military troops is explored.

Tradition: Swamini Mayatitananda explains the mystical reasons behind ancestor worship.

Education: Why parents are the key to successful Hindu education for youth.

Research: Organ transplant recipients report taking on their donor's characteristics.

Music: Chennai celebrates carnatic music.

Health: Ayurveda tackles summer allergies.

Music: Meet Uppalapu Shrinivas, the mandolin master.

Worship: Knitting japa and charity together.

Teaching: UK students get a great Hindu primer.

Issues: Giving our children names to treasure.

Dance: Japanese dancer Masako Ono masters Odissi.

Reviews: Two books and a CD explore yoga.

Medicine: A Californa doctor treats lepers and learns real compassion.

Movies: "What the Bleep Do We Know?!"

In My Opinion: Valuing the divine knowledge of dharma passed down from our ancestors.

Publisher's Desk: Facing the Unique Challenges of mixed-religion marriages.


From the Vedas: Rig Vedic prayers to the Fire God.

Opinion: Gender equality in the Mahabharata.


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