Hinduism Today Apr-May-Jun 2005

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Hinduism Today Reviewed in Arizona Newspaper


ARIZONA, USA, March 6, 2005: The following review of our April, 2005, issue is by Dan Kincaid of The Arizona Republic:

Hinduism Today: This quarterly provides a glimpse into the ancient faith of India that has spread around the globe. You'll find all kinds of articles and news on Hinduism and Hindus, many of them focusing on the concerns of Hindus in the United States. The 16-page cover package offers a guide to good Hindu parenting, where the first principle, you'll read, is that parents act as the first gurus (revered teachers) in the religious and moral training of their children. Parents should help their children develop such key qualities as a positive self-concept, proficiency in resolving conflicts, prejudice-free consciousness and self-control. Another piece looks at colorful Ujjain, India, a city sacred to the Hindu deity Siva. It is filled with temples, shrines and monasteries and is one of the four sites for the great Kumbha Mela festival, which attracts millions. It is one of seven Indian cities, according to Hindu tradition, that would grant pilgrims liberation from the cycle of rebirth. A financial section suggests ways Hindus can follow Vedic principles to invest their earnings profitably but responsibly.

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