Mala - 36 Bead Kauai-Grown Rudraksha Japa

  • Model: 10

These are hand-made malas (prayer or mantra necklaces) of Kauai-grown rudraksha beads alternating with a Quartz Crystal. These malas are made with 36 rudraksha seeds gathered from the heavily-rooted floor of Kauai's Hindu Monastery rudraksha tree grove during the late spring months of the tree's fruiting season. The seeds are gathered by monks or devotees of the monastery and carefully dried and cleaned in a three-stage process.

The cleansed beads are spread out in the sun or strong light so our team of craft volunteers can select each seed for its uniformity of size, shape and look. The beads are 5/8th's inches in diameter. This discrimination gives each prayer necklace a beautifully aesthetic look and feels balanced when wearing or holding it. The malas are strung by hand using high-strength nylon line.

A large red tassle of cotton imbedded in a 37th rudraksha completes the mala's circle. The mala measures in length 16 inches from top to the final rudraksha seed.

Each finished mala is placed near the three-foot tall crystal Siva Lingam in the monastery's Siva Nataraja temple to receive blessings.

These malas will make extraordinary gifts for all occasions.

Proceeds go toward the building of the San Marga Iraivan Temple.

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