How to Become a Hindu

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Originally written to show non-Hindus how to formally enter the Hindu religion, this book contains stories from Americans, Canadians and Europeans recounting their dramatic, sometimes intense, passage from Western faiths. This book outlines the six steps to formally convert to Hinduism and includes sample forms and documents.

How to Become a Hindu also gives advice and recommendations to Indo-Americans who have married outside their religion.

For Hindu and yoga leaders this book is an immensely useful tool to help guide and advise students.

The idea of conversion to Hinduism is much debated, and this book brings together for the first time the historic and contemporary views from scripture and powerful Hindu thinkers that clearly uphold and celebrate an easy, natural passage to Hinduism. Non-Hindus and Hindus alike will discover insights and knowledge not normally found in conventional Hindu books. Includes a Hindu name list and comparison of the beliefs of the world's major religions.

Softcover, 496 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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