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Here is a modern rendering of the 2,200-year-old classic, Tirukural, in the original and modern Tamil with a modern English translation. The Tirukural, recognized as the world's greatest work on ethics, consists of 1080 maxims covering all aspects of human behavior, social and personal. Each point of morality is in the form of a couplet, at once profound, trenchant, poetic and universally applicable, as fresh today as it was when first etched on ola leaves. Here is an example: "A tide of troubles will recede the moment an intelligent mind collects itself to face them." The Tirukural has been, and still is today, revered as holy scripture by Tamil-speaking Hindus all over the world. The modern Tamil version is by the late and venerable Sri Mylavaganam Kanagaratnam of Sri Lanka, and the English version is by two of Gurudeva's sannyasins. You will want to consult it daily as your source of wisdom and solace. Delightfully illustrated in color with 108 original South Indian paintings. Hardbound, 550 pages, 6 x 9 inches. Published and printed by Abhinav Publications, New Delhi, India.

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