Parenting with Love

  • Model: PAMPWL

This is sixteen pages introducing "positive discipline," with fourteen proven strategies for raising happy, disciplined children in modern times. Drawn from Dr. Jane Nelsen's books, these pages present some key ideas of her system. Many of the stories, captions and photos in this booklet were contributed by Kavita Mardemootoo of Mauritius, a parent and avid teacher of Positive Discipline.
Originally appearing in the January 2009 issue of Hinduism Today, this booklet is written from an Asian/Hindu perspective on raising children. Positive discipline gives a way to discipline children without corporal punishment and slapping, spanking, pinching or hitting.
Julie Rajan, the primary author of the feature story, "Sparing the Child, Should Corporal Punishment End?" noted, "Though they don't say much about it, young Hindu adults today feel deep resentment and anger at having been beaten as children. We struggle with feelings of low self-esteem and failure. Many of us will continue the cycle of violence by beating our own children or our spouses simply because we are unable to resolve those feelings. We don't blame our parents, who genuinely loved us and sacrificed for us, for they are themselves just the previous round in this same cycle. We don't blame our Hindu faith either, for corporal punishment of children is present in every culture. But as advocates of nonviolence, we do claim a special role in solving this problem."
This booklet summarizes the essence of many books available on Positive Discipline at