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Truth is One, Paths are Many


This is a pdf file.

By comparing a few of their major beliefs, we hope to highlight how other major world religions and important modern secular philosophies are similar to and differ from Hinduism. A leisurely hour with this little booklet, sitting with your iPad under a favorite tree will endow you with a good grasp of the essential truths of every major religion practiced today on the planet.

It may also dispel the myth that all religions are one, that they all seek to lead adherents by the same means to the same Ultimate Reality. They donít, as a conscientious review will show. As you read through the 171 beliefs in this study, put a check by the ones you believe. Why, you might find that you are a Buddhist-Christian-Existentialist or a Taoist-New-Age-Materialist. Place yourself in the cosmology of the beliefs of the world. Many have found this self-inquiry satisfying, others awesomely revealing. 78 pages. Full color.

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