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Pradosha Siva

Himalayan Academy Publications has amassed an enormous archive of digital imagery. For decades the monks have photographed, scanned, collected, invented, designed, bartered and exchanged Hindu art. Working with gifted artists from India, Bali, Malaysia and anywhere talent could be found, we assembled a treasure-trove of traditional spiritual paintings and imagery. We are proud to release two royalty-free treasure chests of Hindu graphics. These resources will empower parents, teachers, web designers and communicators in passing on the great Sanatana Dharma to the next generation.

Hindu Art DVD

An Astonishing Collection

The Hindu Art DVD has an astonishing 4,820 images depicting Hinduism in all its glory and nuances. Over 1,000 images are high resolution, suitable for print production. This wealth of imagery includes art and illustrations of Gods, scripture, temples, beliefs, traditions, karma, dharma, saints, yoga and art created for children.


Artists bring the Vedas, the Puranas and the Holy Kural to life with hundreds of beautiful paintings, Indian-style borders, motifs and clip art; the ten Avatars of Vishnu; the all-encompassing Pradosha Siva; Shanmugan mounting lightning-fast Mayil; the yamas and niyamas; ashtanga yoga for children and much more--all for just $149.95. Below you will find a sampling; the resolution of the actual DVD images is much higher. Click here to order your copy!

A Small Sampling of the Hindu Art DVD: (click to enlarge)

1-12 | 13-24 | 25-36 | 37-48 | 49-60 | 61-72 | 73-84 | 85-93

pradosha_siva_nataraja vishnu_on_sesha_above_ocean murugan_rajam lord_ganesha
Pradosha Nataraja
Vishnu on Sesha
Murugan by S. Rajam
Lord Ganesha
yogaswami ganesha_0937 ganesha_0990 ganesha_0936
Ganesha 0937
Ganesha 0990
Ganesha 0936
tenq_04_cow tenq_09_god_marriage tenq_01_gods ganesha_0001_ganapati_k
Beloved Cow
God and Gods
ganesha_0033 tenq_07_scriptures ganesha_muruga_and_children
Ganesha 0033.jpg
Siva Dakshinamurthi
Ganesha and Murugan

1,008 Ganeshas

Lord Ganesha plays a special role in the Hindu Art DVD, with an impressive 1,008 images of the much beloved one-tusked God. For those who would like to have just these images of Lord Ganesha, they are available as a single collection on a smaller, separate DVD called 1,008 Ganeshas for $49.95. Below you will find a sampling; the resolution of the actual DVD images is much higher. Order your Ganesha DVD here!

A Small Sampling of 1008 Ganesha Pictures: (click to enlarge)

1-15 | 16-30| 31-45| 46-60| 61-63

ganesha_0495 ganesha_0842 lord_ganesha
Ganesha 0495.jpg
Ganesha 0842.jpg
Lord Ganesha.psd
ganesha_0820 ganesha_0735 ganesha_0818
Ganesha 0820.jpg
Ganesha 0735.jpg
Ganesha 0818.jpg
ganesha_0794 ganesha_0881 ganesha_0864
Ganesha 0794.jpg
Ganesha 0881.jpg
Ganesha 0864.jpg
ganesha_0743 ganesha_0795 ganesha_0859
Ganesha 0743.jpg
Ganesha 0795.jpg
Ganesha 0859.jpg
ganesha_0836 ganesha_0805 ganesha_0863
Ganesha 0836.jpg
Ganesha 0805.jpg
Ganesha 0863.jpg

Sacred Aums CD

A Classic Resource

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Our editorial team has gathered an unusual collection of Aums, in several languages, over the years. Many were published in early 1996 in our 800-page book, Loving Ganesha. But we have thousands more, and are collecting avidly everyday and during our journeys in India.

Click here to view thumbnails of our entire collection, over 1,000 Aums!

Choose from the links on the left to see our entire collection of Aums (and some new ones added periodically) here on the web and see a few fancy examples from our many hundreds.

Send a note to our Hinduism Today Editor (who loves to trade Aums and other Indian graphics, and who shares our amazing collection with anyone spreading the Dharma:) Click here to send a missive to our Editor.

We take great joy in trading Aums (and other Indian art forms, like Ganeshas, village logos, swastikas, trisulas, folk art and more.) We will release rights to anyone who shares their Aum collection with us. Send us a few Aums you epecially like, and we will send you a few back. Send a pile, and receive a treasure trove from our years of collecting. Snail mail your contributions to Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami, Hinduism Today, 107 Kaholalele Road, Kapaa, Hawaii 96746-9304.